CRASH BOOM BANG W/Counterstrike & Teddy Killerz

Samstag, 28. März 2020

CBB II / Crash Boom Bang is back!

Neurofunk, Crossbreed and Hardcore DNB is more than just a music taste for you? So prepare yourself for our upcoming event.

A massive lineup Freiburg has never seen before is waiting for you. We invited two international acts and some of the hardest local DJs we know to present you an evening you won't forget.

Keep calm and... Pff. We want to see all of you raving monsters in the pit and freak out. Get on fire with this special show we organized for you. In combination with an earth shattering soundsystem we got all the tools for an unforgettable night.

But that’s not all. We also present you a Goa-stage with special decoration and soundsystem for even more madness in one event.

10+ Acts, 2 floors.
Welcome to CBB. Welcome to mayhem.

DnB Floor:

Teddy Killerz (Ru)

Counterstrike (Czk)

Drumago Ft. MC Unredd
For the first time ever, Drumago and the screamer of the hardcore metal band Unredd will perform together on stage. Get ready for a Dark DnB set in a class of its own with unprecedented vocals.

Mighty Pressure Crew

Klaff (Kamel Fruit Crew)

Psytrance Floor:
▬ VIRTUΛL SHΛMΛN ▬ SomA Ritual Records / The Alien Cult
Nightpsy | Lahr

▬ Kolibri ▬ AURA Records
FullOn / Nightpsy | Freiburg

▬ HUTIΛ ▬ Otterspace Projekt
Forest | Freiburg